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Sometimes, you do not need a breathtaking design on your nails to captivate anyone's gaze, just painting your nails a charming color is all you need to get a nice manicure at a nail salon near me 95928. Can you feel that those nail polish colors are too pretty to chip off quickly? So, in today's article, I will show you 4 ways to prevent your new nail polish from peeling and chipping. If you have ever experienced the frustration of perfecting your manicure, only for it to be chipped within hours, keep reading below!

Avoid these actions to keep your nail polish smooth

To make your nail polish smooth and, of course, be far away from cracking, please DO NOT
✖ Shake your nail polish bottles: Simply roll your nail polish bottle between the palms of your hands instead of shaking it. If you shake the bottle, you are more likely to get air bubbles on application.
✖ Take a shower straight after you have painted your nails: Your nail beds expand in the hot water, making the nail polish move with it. This causes cracks and can make your polish chip when your nail beds return to their normal size. Likewise, do not paint your nails straight after a shower.
✖ Continuously apply thick layers of nail polish on your nails: If you apply your nail varnish in thick layers, it won’t dry on to the nail properly. On the opposite side, the thinner the coats, and the longer you let them dry in-between coats, the longer the nail polish will last.
✖ Wash your hands too harshly: This rough action might hurt your nails and discomfort your manicured nails.
✖ Direct contact with cleaning chemicals: Chemicals are absolutely not good for your skin and nails. Remember to wear gloves in case you have to do the dishwashing.

Always Use The Right Basecoat And Topcoat

Nail salon 95928 | Tipsy Nail & Spa | Nail salon near me 95928 | Nail salon Chico

While starting and ending with base and topcoat tacks extra time onto a manicure, they are important steps that should not be skipped. Applying base and topcoat is critical to preventing chipping or cracking for a lasting manicure. By using a grippy, strong basecoat, you will significantly extend the life and look of your manicure. Basecoat is what allows the coats to adhere to your nails and topcoat is what seals it all in. For best results and preservation of your manicure, I recommend reapplying your topcoat every two to three days. You will want to opt for a formula that boasts chip-resistance, protection, and strengthening, and bonus points if there is a hydrating component, too.

You can go to some top-rated nail salons and ask the experienced nail technicians about which brands of their base coat and topcoat.

Take Care Of Chips Right Away

Nail salon 95928 | Tipsy Nail & Spa | Nail salon near me 95928 | Nail salon Chico

Ever look at a chipped nail, roll your eyes, get annoyed and then totally forget about it? Yep, me too. But tackling chips when they first happen will help to preserve your manicure in a few ways and the sooner you restore your nails back to a cohesive, flaw-free look, the better. Odds are if you let the chip sit, you just might peel and pick your way into mani-destruction. Also, fixing the chip will prevent it from spreading and getting worse on its own.

If you have no idea about how to fix the chip correctly, then making an appointment with a nail salon near me 95928 is not a bad decision.

Leave Your Nails To The Nail Expert

Nail salon 95928 | Tipsy Nail & Spa | Nail salon near me 95928 | Nail salon Chico

It is said that nail designs are not only about beauty trends but are a work of art. So, leave it to the licensed nail artist when it comes to nail art. I understand that it is not cheap to get your nails done professionally, but the good results everyone can get after a salon manicure are worth the price. To keep your manicure lasting longer and stop your nail polish peeling so soon, paying a visit to those top-quality nail salon near me 95928 is the best choice. Remember to build a proper manicure routine so that your nails will always look ready!

I would love to share my tips about nails and other beauty trends with you. Follow my blog and stay happy, stay healthy!

Nail salon 95928 | Tipsy Nail & Spa | nail salon near me 95928
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